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Who We Are


Studio Kipasa: Where Every Picture Tells a Story

Do you know what makes us alive? The moments that make you look back and smile? We, at Studio Kipasa, are in the field of capturing them. We capture feelings, quick moments, and genuine smiles in a timeless picture. We’re more than just photographers – we’re storytellers, narrating tales through our lenses. We aim to keep alive the memory of your most cherished memories.

Our journey began over a decade ago. Ten transformative years where we perfected our skills and established a firm footing in professional photography. Our reputation isn’t just built on quality but on our ability to resonate with our clients. We understand the depth of your stories and showcase them in the most authentic way. We see beyond the subject; we capture the soul.

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What We Do

Our goal is to deliver the best available quality product on the market to the customers who appreciate the quality memories.

Schools & Colleges Photoshoot Service

Studio Kipasa: Schools & Colleges Yearly Package Photography In the realm of education, every year is a chapter filled with memories, achievements, and milestones. From the first day of school ...

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Birthday Photoshoot Service

Studio Kipasa: Birthday Photoshoot Birthdays are not just annual markers; they’re a vibrant curtain of life’s journey, woven with threads of memories, experiences, and dreams. Studio Kipasa specializes in capturing ...

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Portfolio Photoshoot Service

Studio Kipasa: Portfolio Photoshoot In the dynamic world of visual representation, a portfolio serves as a window to an individual’s talent, potential, and versatility. Studio Kipasa recognizes the transformative power ...

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Fashion Photography Service

Studio Kipasa: Fashion Photography/Model Photoshoot In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends change with the seasons, capturing the essence of style requires a keen eye and a deep understanding ...

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Post-Wedding Photoshoot Service

Post-Wedding Photoshoot The excitement of the wedding day often makes couples want some quiet and close moments together. A post-wedding photoshoot offers couples the serenity to relive their wedding's magic ...

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Service

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Nepal The journey towards marital bliss begins much before the wedding day. It’s in the quiet moments, the shared laughter, and the dreams woven together. Studio Kipasa ...

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Our goal is to deliver the best available quality product on the market to the customers who appreciate the quality memories.